Car Dealers

If you are looking for the highest quality of auto sales leads, then Capital Car Loans is the ultimate destination for you. Also on offer are special finance leads and sub prime auto sales leads from the bad credit borrowers. Not one but several car dealers have credited us with having brought an improvement in their business. Each one of these car dealers used auto sales leads generated by us. 

We offer auto sales leads from local and neighbourhood customers also. Whether you are looking for customers of new cars or used cars, you will find them at Capital Car Loans. In whichever state or city you have a car dealership, we will arrange customers from that specific region. We operate in around 50 states, thus having a nationwide presence. 

Our network of car dealers is on an increase. Word of mouth publicity from the satisfied dealerships has given us more referrals. The satisfaction results from the high Return on Investment through auto sales leads, special finance leads and sub prime auto finance leads in comparison to other marketing efforts made by car dealers. The dealers are able to deliver more cars at lower cost and time. Additionally, car dealers are able to focus on their strong point, i.e. selling cars. 

Want business from the bad credit borrowers? Capital Car Loans will get you business of several bad credit borrowers in the form of special finance leads and sub prime auto finance leads. 

We follow the highest quality of lead generation. To ensure that the leads bring business for the dealer we will verify it twice through phone. The leads are generated through major search engines like Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, etc. 

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