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Capital Car Loans unique car financing service combines the best car loan lenders and new and used car dealers who then compete for the right to earn your business. Our car financing services focus on helping people with a less than perfect credit history. You can qualify easily often with no money down for a new or used car loan even if you have bad credit, bankruptcy or low credit score. It’s fast, easy and no obligation. To get approved today just enter your zip code or choose your state below.

4 Easy Steps to get a Car Loan

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Submit the car loan application online to get your car financing pre-approved..

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Once your no obligation car loan application is submitted, it is instantly processed by the car loan lenders or dealers nearest you. Same day approvals are normal.

Step 3:
A local car dealer or car loan lender will contact you by phone and discuss what is required to complete the car financing that fits your needs best.

Step 4:
The exciting part - visit the local auto dealer credit center, select the new or used car you want to own and finalize the car loan process. You really can buy a new or used car in less than 24 hours, Congratulations!